Arcane Circle

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A mysterious magic circle of music

Arcane Circle Records is Ethereal Kollektiv's Imprint / Label.

Our goal is to be a safe haven for music-first artists, what we mean by that is maintaining a free space where artists don’t have to follow certain formulas or characteristics for releases to become “popular” in what seems to be a time where there is a lot of similarities with the music that is out circulating in the world. 

We are fully independent, what we mean by that is that when we release music the label and the artists are going to be partners in the release. In this first chapter, we will be releasing on band camp. Our goal is to ultimately, through partnerships with other online publications in addition to a proper PR strategy, grow the label and our artists organically without having to participate in the stale chart based and typical marketing approach that most of the commercial labels take nowadays. 

We want the artists we work with to not only release music with us but to feel they are a part of the family, the brand and the overall success of us as a group. Eventually, we will be looking to use distribution once our branding and identity are established crossing over to Beatport, track source etc.. As well as releasing a limited amount of vinyl pressings.

Please send your demos to [email protected] (Private soundcloud links with downloads turned off)